We are working with the Institute of Directors (IoD), interviewing some of its members from across England to provide profiles for use on the IoD’s website.

One of the latest profiles is of Martyn Jackson who is celebrating being an IoD Kent branch member for 20 years.

Here’s his story:

2024 is proving to be something of a year for Martyn Jackson. He is marking a joint 20th anniversary, celebrating 20 years as both an IoD Kent branch member and with IPRS Group where he is CEO.

Suffolk based IPRS Group is an independent specialist organisation offering a diverse range of clinical products and services to the public and private sectors. They include musculoskeletal physiotherapy and mental health services.

Under Martyn’s leadership, the company has grown from 20 to 800 staff and increased turnover from £3.4 million to more than £35m.

Martyn said: “We have invested heavily and have a strong reputation for the quality of our award-winning services and clinical capabilities.”

Central to IPRS Group’s success is Martyn’s drive to create a welcoming and attractive work environment. “I wanted to create an environment which was a nice place to work, a place where you would like to work yourself,” said Martyn.

“We are very much a people organisation and you have to look after your people by having the right processes in place to support them.”

Investment in training and development has enabled IPRS Group to attract and retain staff. More than 70% of the company’s employees are clinicians, many of whom have grown with the company.

In 2022, IPRS Group became part of investor handl Group which has enabled the company to strengthen its infrastructure, invest in digital technology and bid for larger contracts.

Martyn said: “handl Group is working with our team to make sure we grow and prosper and above all, provide innovative services to our diverse client base.”

Martyn’s work ethos extends to ensuring the IPRS Group is inclusive, providing equal opportunities to staff and attracting a diverse workforce. It chimes with the IoD’s own championing of equality and diversity in the workplace.

Martyn said: “The IoD’s philosophy is very much about driving inclusion. It is also impressive on training and development – its director development offer is wonderful. Its support and information services also work very well, and it gives businesses like ours an important voice.”

The IoD’s Pall Mall headquarters have proved a great place for Martyn to meet clients and he has found speaker events very useful. “It’s about information sharing and coming away having learned something.”

Martyn added: “I am very proud to be an IoD member.”


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